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Welcome to all social media and crypto enthusiasts.

The next generation of blockchain-based social media that pays you and gives you back all rights and freedoms as a user.
We are ready for a new a decentralized platform that rewards users for their activities, posts, transactions and interactions. The Candao protocol combines the best of Tik Tok and Instagram and offers a unique opportunity to profit from your social media engagement.
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Your unprecedented advantages
You will benefit from the following advantages thanks to blockchain technology and Web 3.0:
Candao lets you earn rewards based on all users activities, including advertising and many different transactions that take place in the protocol
You benefit from an OnChain ID - user verification - no more fake profiles - and all this for free and not like facebook and Instagram with a monthly subscription
your content is yours (as NFT on the blockchain - no access by third parties) - you can trade it and make money
you cannot be censored or banned
you and other users can tokenize them selves and create their own new value
you can connect all social media platforms and followers directly
use a marketing engine to scale your post to the right audience - for free - no paid ads
you can create active and passive income streams - and much more
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Access Code: HZm6XXNHsU
What is Candao?
Look at the incredible potential of candaoin the following video - there is no reason to use Facebook, instagram and co anymore
Press articles
Here you can find more information about the project of Candao. The candao protocol is mentioned in over 860 articles worldwide.
Thousands of influencers are in the process of joining and promoting the candao protocol. World-famous influencers are at the starting line for the period after the official exchange launch to carry out the largest roll out.